Skincare is an important hygienic routine that most of us overlook due to our busy schedule. It just takes too much time for us to put on lotion or sunscreen before going out to school or work that we’d rather just put on our clothes immediately and run. For some of us, buying and choosing which skincare product to use can be intimidating since we might end up buying the wrong product and wasting a lot of money this way.

In this course, I’ll teach you how you can save money by choosing the right skincare products for you and how to use these in a time-saving routine. I’m not a dermatological expert, I’m just a regular woman like the rest of us, but I’ve educated myself on skincare by reading through articles and browsing Youtube for the best recommendations. After years of learning about skincare, I’ve compiled all these knowledge in this course and I’m excited to share it with you!

Here’s what will be covered in this course:

  • The ageing process and how to slow it down with flawless skin
  • Understanding the different types of cleanser and when to apply it
  • Protect your skin when putting on makeup
  • Moisturizer and its benefits
  • Introduction to serum and if you should consider buying one
  • How to get spot-free skin
  • How to take care of your eyes
  • Face spa: Masks and Facials
  • Learning about exfoliation and how often you should do it
  • Knowing which products to buy and use
  • Bonus tips!

Get started today and learn the secrets to ageless and flawless skin!

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