The harmonica, although small, is an elegant musical instrument that is associated with blues, jazz and country music. It’s a relatively difficult instrument to learn for beginners without instruction but this course will breeze you through it with an excellent instructor who is extremely passionate about the harmonica.

Ben Hewlett has been an Accredited Diatonic Harmonica Teacher since 1993 and has been teaching harmonica for over 20 years. He will guide you through this course and will help you learn your way to playing the harmonica like a pro.

Here’s what will be covered in this course:

  • Introduction and origins of the harmonica
  • How to make sounds and play the blues
  • Learning the proper breathing technique
  • Understanding the tones and chords
  • What is Chugging?
  • Learning how to play single notes
  • Introduction to Scale C on the 10hole
  • Understanding Note Box Patterns
  • Working with C, G and F Major Pentatonic Scales
  • Learning about the roles of the Harmonica player in a session
  • Introducing the “Flat Tone”
  • Knowing Embouchure, Aperture and how to use the tongue
  • How to play with your tunes like a pro
  • Basic and Intermediate harmonica lessons
  • Exercises and tunes to practice with

Get started today and learn how to play the harmonica like a pro!

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