The Chinese language can be tough to learn because it has a completely different alphabet and unfamiliar grammar rules. However, this course will help you learn the language easily by using a technique that you have been accustomed to since you were young.

When you were a kid, you learned how to speak by familiarizing yourself with the sound of the words and eventually trying to say it out loud. We will use this exact technique in this course. In the videos, we will play a dialogue spoken by native Chinese speakers. You then have to listen to it repeatedly, familiarize yourself with the way it was spoken, try to guess its meaning and pay attention to gestures that might help you remember it better.

The dialogue videos will then be followed by lecture videos with pin yin which explains the entire content of the previous dialogue video. You can listen and try the shadowing technique (repeat right after you hear a word or a sentence). If it helps, you can also record yourself so you would know if you’re doing it right compared to how the native Chinese speakers say it and be able to improve your pronunciation faster.

By learning this way, you’ll soon be able to engage in an actual conversation with confidence, and maybe even drop a hint of Chinese accent as you do so.

Here’s what will be covered in this course:

  • Introduction to the four tones of the Chinese language
  • Tone changes
  • Common greetings in Chinese
  • How to answer questions in Chinese
  • Understanding Chinese words for numbers and measurements
  • How to express gratitude in Chinese
  • Tips on how to improve your Chinese by listening
  • Building your Chinese vocabulary
  • Tips on how to improve your pronunciation

Get started today and learn how to converse effectively in Chinese!

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