Reading is a hobby that can be taken up by everyone. May it be a book, an article, an audio book or a magazine, reading is the one thing that takes almost zero effort but gives 100% new experience and knowledge. What if I tell you that you can actually enhance your reading skills and increase your level of comprehension?

In this course, Richard will teach you the secrets of how to unlock your mind’s potential in a gentle but effective manner. He has taught high school Math for 5 years before becoming the Head Instructor for Speed Reading in Toronto, Canada and he’s now a certified Master Hypnotist/Relaxation as well. Combining these two expertise, Richard has mastered the technique on how to improve his students’ learning curve for Speed Reading.

Untrained readers usually lose at least 50% of their reading time due to underutilization of their “Horizontal Peripheral Vision”. Not only this but their reading time is even doubled up because of re-reading or back-skipping to certain lines which they have missed or not really absorbed the first time. After taking this course, you’ll learn how to avoid this, read faster and improve your comprehension.

Here’s what will be covered in this course:

  • Speed Reading introduction
  • Hand motion and its importance
  • Super-charge your memory to remember what you read
  • Relaxation and visualization exercises that will take your stress off and improve your reading experience
  • Introduction to Visualization Memory System
  • How to test your current reading rate
  • Understanding the Glance and Read Program
  • Drills for speed reading improvement

Get started today and learn how to boost your speed reading skills the simple way!

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